Armasight Apollo Mini 640 (60 Hz) Thermal Imaging Clip-on System

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Armasight is proud to introduce one of the smallest Infrared Thermal Imaging Clip-on Machine, Apollo Mini 640 (60Hz).
Apollo Mini 640 (60Hz) represents essentially the most contemporary evolution in our by no means-ceasing quest to scale back Size and weight, while maximizing potency and features. The Apollo Mini 640 (60Hz) has plenty of choices that puts it on the leading edge of all Other miniature thermal imagers in its magnificence.
The Apollo Mini 640 (60Hz) is an uncooled lengthy-wave thermal clip-on Device intended to mount in front of the current magnified day sight. The speedy advantages of this system of fixing the day scope proper right into a thermal imaging Device include no modification in cheek weld, no modification in result in reach, and endured use of provide ballistic reticules inside the day scope. The Armasight Apollo Mini 640 (60Hz) gets rid of the usual requirement of removing your provide day scope from your rifle, to change it with a faithful thermal sight (which would possibly moreover include re-zeroing). The Apollo simply mounts in front of your personal common daylight hours optical sight. Production unit bore-sighted to tolerances of less than 1 MOA, no re-zeroing is needed. The Apollo lets in the individual to take care of consistent eye help and taking pictures position; because of the operator uses their own, familiar day scope andndash; no re-coaching is needed.
The 24/7 challenge Capability is solely one of the strengths of the Apollo Mini 640 (60Hz). The thermal imaging Knowledge moreover signifies that you’ll discover objectives by way of slicing by the use of snow, dust, smoke, fog, haze, and Other atmospheric obscurants.
Equipped with Virtual compass and inclinometer, Apollo Mini 640 (60Hz) provides the operator the Tools crucial to interpolate right kind distance to concentrate on and Function orientation.
Collateral functions of Apollo Mini Thermal Imaging Device include efficiency as a Solidarity magnification (1x) stand-by myself weapon sight and hand held uncooled thermal monocular 1x or 3x (with use of 3x booster).
Armasight has integrated a compass and inclinometer inside the Apollo Mini 640 (60Hz) package for finer range estimation and Function orientation. A five-button Wireless Far-off switch is integrated to serve as and adjust the settings at the Apollo Mini to optimize the imagery for the thought to be scene without having to remove your arms from the weapon.
The use of essentially the most contemporary FLIR Quark 2 Knowledge, the Apollo Mini is offered in 640×512 pixel Structure. Additional Armasight proprietary hyper-Symbol processing (HIP) code provides the Apollo with a robust library of tool software choices to tailor the image to the maximum necessities required of the operator. Those choices include direct button features akin to turn brightness, palette Selection, information non-uniformity correction (NUC) using a Simple, intuitive 3 button keypad. Menu driven choices {include|incorporate} attention-grabbing operator-particular adjustments similar to palette Selection, scene-similar imaging corrections, stored rifle quality profiles, Structure Selection, compass calibration collection, and a andldquo;Production unit settingsandrdquo; default risk. The Wireless Far-off Capability and Bluetooth choices prevents the Apollo Mini 640 (60Hz) from turning into outdated as new functions and tool software reaches adulthood and comes to marketplace. The 9-pin connector at the Apollo Mini 640 (60Hz) finds the dynamic nature of this mite-sized powerhouse. By way of the multi-pin connector, the operator can record video using the Armasight Virtual Video Recorder (DVR), build up the battery Existence by way of attaching to External battery possible choices, inject Function range wisdom from an externally fastened Armasight laser rangefinder and substitute/upload new tool software revision and functions from personal debts associated with the Armasight purchaser access web websites.


24/7 Operation in presence of environmental obscurants (smoke, dust, haze, fog)
MIL-810G rugged, water resistant glass fiber reinforced construction
FLIR Quark 2 17andmicro;m Pitch Thermal Sensor
Loyal fast-liberate locking weapon mount
Function Germanium Lens
SVGA 800×600 OLED Display
Virtual Compass
Virtual Inclinometer
Drop-down menu and icon Primarily based most commonly menu
Simple, intuitive 3-button Control
Polarity Control (black Sizzling/white Sizzling)
Selectable Palettes: White Sizzling/ Black Sizzling/ Sepia/ OEM Custom designed/ Other Colour Variations
Explicit Particular person-Adjustable Imaging Tools:
Energetic Difference Enhancement (ACE) – andldquo;CONTRASTandrdquo;
2nd Technology Virtual Component Enhancement (DDE) andndash; andldquo;SHARPNESSandrdquo;
Just right Scene Optimization (SSO) andndash; andldquo;SMART SCENEandrdquo;
Linear Automated Gain Control – andldquo;LINEAR AGCandrdquo;
Data-Primarily based most commonly Histogram Equalization (IBHEQ) andndash; andldquo;SKY/SEAandrdquo;
Particular person-Controlled Manual Non-Uniformity Correction/ Flat-Matter Correction (UCMNUC/ FFC)
Silent Shutterless NUC andtrade; (SSN)
One 123A battery operation
Battery Status Indicator
Wireless five-button Far-off
However Symbol and Video Recording Capability (DVR Selection)
Made inside of america


Refresh Worth 60 Hz
Magnification (NTSC/PAL) Solidarity (1andtimes;)
Function Lens Kind Germanium
Type of Focal Aircraft Array FLIR Quark 2
Pixel Array Structure 640andtimes;512
Pixel Size 17 andmu;m
Display Kind OLED SVGA zero60
Pixel Display Structure 800×600
Display Brightness Discretely Adjustable to 8 Levels
Turn-on Time, max 3 sec
Virtual Zoom 1andtimes;, 2andtimes;, 4andtimes;, 8andtimes;
Virtual Compass Certain
Virtual Inclinometer Certain
Battery Status Indicator Certain
Image Palettes White Sizzling, Black Sizzling, Fusion, Rainbow, Sepia, Rain
Analog Input and Output Structure (choice) NTSC (640andtimes;480 pixels) / PAL (768andtimes;574 pixels)
Far-off Control Wireless (five buttons)
Energetic Difference Enhancement (ACE) – andldquo;CONTRASTandrdquo; Certain
2nd Technology Virtual Component Enhancement (DDE) andndash; andldquo;SHARPNESSandrdquo; Certain
Just right Scene Optimization (SSO) andndash; andldquo;SMART SCENEandrdquo; Certain
Data-Primarily based most commonly Histogram Equalization (IBHEQ) andndash; andldquo;SKY/SEAandrdquo; Certain
Linear Automated Gain Control (Linear AGC) Certain
Particular person-Controlled Manual Non-Uniformity Correction/ Flat-Matter Correction (UCMNUC/ FFC) Certain
Silent Shutterless NUC andtrade; (SSN) Certain
Function Focal Dimension 35 mm
Function F-quantity F/1.5
Matter of View (ang.) 17.8anddeg; x 14.2anddeg;
Go out Scholar Diameter 27 mm
Battery One CR123A 3V Lithium battery, CR123 rechargeable battery, or 16650 rechargeable battery with voltage from 3.0V to 3.6V
Battery Existence at 20 anddeg;C (sixty eight anddeg;F) CR123A – up to 1.5 hr CR123 Rechargeable (650mAh) – up to 1 hr 16650 Rechargeable (2000mAh) – up to 2.6 hr
Extended Battery % 18650 rechargeable batteries (3.7V), 4 CR123 rechargeable batteries with voltage 3.7V max, or 4 common CR123A 3V Lithium batteries (operational time up to 8 hr)
External Power Supply 6V-12V DC / 600 mА
Operating Temperature -forty to +50anddeg;C (-forty to +122anddeg;F)
Garage Temperature -50 to +70anddeg;C (-fifty eight to +158anddeg;F)
Balk Resistance 700 g
Environmental Rating Water and fog-resistant
General Dimensions 112andtimes;63andtimes;forty nine mm (4.4andtimes;2.4andtimes;2.0 in)
Weight (w/o Batteries) 260 g (0.56 lbs)
Most sensible of the Scope Axis above Rail 37 mm (1.5 in)
Ensure 3 years
Ensure on FLIR detector 10 years

24/7 operation in presence of environmental obscurants (smoke, dust, haze, fog)
Turn quark 2 17μm pitch thermal sensor
Drop-down menu and icon Primarily based most commonly menu
However Symbol and video recording Capability (dvr risk)
3-12 months Ensure and 10-12 months Ensure on flir detector

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