CAMTOA 7x5ft Christmas Pictures Background Crimson Candle Fireplace Studio Backdrop ( NO INCLUDE THE STAND ! )


Photos Heritage: Using a series of top-tech virtual production tools conscientiously made virtual footage inkjet footage, the picture is apparent, sensible, suitable for virtual cameras, provides of high quality Subject matter, virtual Heritage with an excellent color, rich styles, sensible. Tough, lasting placed on, transparent non-glare, and lots of others..
Fabrics: Subject matter
Lightweight, simple garage and elevate;
For Photos, occasions, bars, and lots of others:
Color fidelity, water-proof, ingenious impact;
Stereo feel is powerful.
Take note:
With the intention to facilitate delivery and packaging, may well be folded Subject matter Heritage shipments, resulting in creased;
Do not be concerned, do not impact to use, recovery method as follows:
1. Subject matter Fabrics, can use the iron,pressing the once more;
2. Roll it up tightly with a cylinder, and able for 3-4 days.
Package deal deal embrace:
1 x Photos Heritage
Strong and Tough, Extreme Brilliant Color.
Type: Christmas hearth
System Cleanable and Dryer safe
Compact and Lightweight, is perfect provide for your Photos.
Size: 7x 5ft