TUPELO zero.45X Huge Angle Lens & 12.5X Micro Lens Equipment Clip on 180 Diploma Fisheye Cell Cellphone Digicam Lens for iPhone 7, 6s, 6 Samsung

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1. Fisheye:Use fisheye pictures will appear in 4 vignetting,198-level viewing experience expressive fisheye shot is worth of popularity, in a truly transparent symbol fisheye distortion inside the head is a will have to choices, alternatively it is completed very well and it is to force a lot of rendering huge scenes an important
2. Large-Perspective lens (0.45 cases): Use a large-Perspective photos, 4 corners without blur phenomenon, wider Perspective, higher resolution, upper transmittance building up horizons introduced two times, complete huge highway shooting scene will Guidance software
three. Macro lens: 12X Macro lens is a selected macro pictures lens is used essentially for shooting very super gadgets, akin to vegetation and insects, use a macro lens shooting distance is more or less 12M, 10 cases magnification exhibiting, super close-usaan important
four. This TUPELO 3 in1 is a tiny clip-on detachable lens for mobile phones. With a 180 degree cellular phone fish-eye lens, 0.45X huge-Perspective lens and 12X macro lens you can also adapt your phone digital camera to any adventure.
5. The average mounting clamp is acceptable with so much mobile phones, tablet PC and laptops.

Product description
It is a faithful virtual DV / DC and other professional photographic gear, external lens, with a groovy glance and actual parameters and super imaging results. By way of a multi-serve as mobile phone adapter clip, associated with the phone, the phone can shoot the angle of 60% growth, and the picture prime quality of the phone without damage. Lens with top of the range optical glass + multi-layer optical coating, an effective resolution to the in advance mobile phone digital camera lens contained within the transparent, blurred edges of the defects. 49mm of the UV port, to ensure a considerable mild transmittance, no longer only to ensure the brightness of the visual display unit, however moreover effectively ensure the usual of the readability
[180 degree Fish eye Lens]: 180 degree Fish eye lens lets you see a big hemispherical image and takes you into a shocking fantastic global
[0.45X Wide-Angle Lens]: Large-Perspective lens allows you to shoot pictures in a significantly larger range, Easiest for photographing panoramic landscapes or snapping a photograph with a host of friends
[12X Macro Lens]: Macro lens lets you take transparent photos of small gadgets, Superb for buying close enough to take hold of all of the important points, proportion over the top clarity and pleasant macro pictures and videography
[Wide-Angle & Macro Lens]: Large-Perspective lens and macro lens are screwed jointly for simple garage, To use the Large-Perspective lens, simply screw every lenses jointly, To use the macro lens, simply unscrew the Large-Perspective lens
[Compatibility]: Appropriate with so much mobile phones, akin to for iPhone Samsung HTC LG and other smartphones

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