ZINK Cellphone Photograph & Labels Wi-fi Printer. Wi-Fi Enabled. Print Straight from IOS & Android Sensible Telephones, Tablets. Contains FREE Arts & Crafts App.

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ZINK hAppy Smart App Printer hAppy is the portable, Wi-Fi, app-accessory that implies that You’ll be able to print in an instant from Smart Phones and Pills. Simply Download the Loose ZINK Layout & Print Studio app onto a cellphone or tablet (or use a 3rd instance suitable app); load a ZINK zRoll™ (photographic-high quality ZINK Paper in roll sort), Layout, and then wirelessly print to the hAppy. It’s suitable with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. hAppy can also be suitable with Android cellphone and Pills and Amazon Kindle Fireside Pills. hAppy works with Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print apps.

ZINK hAppy Inkless Printer
ZINK hAppy Inkless Printer
ZINK hAppy Inkless Printer
ZINK hAppy Inkless Printer
ZINK hAppy Inkless Printer
ZINK hAppy Inkless Printer

hAppy™-ness is to be had in small applications.

ZINK hAppy™ is the only portable, Wi-Fi enabled, app-accessory that implies that You’ll be able to print in an instant from Smart Phones and Pills – in Complete coloration and without ink! Layout and print tags, stickers, labels, pictures and additional. Download the Loose ZINK Layout & Print Studio™ app and Layout in an instant on a cellphone or tablet, load a ZINK zRoll™ (ink-Loose ZINK Paper® in roll sort), and wirelessly print to the hAppy. It’s that straightforward! You’ll be able to even print to the hAppy from a thousand’s of various print-enabled apps already to your cellphone or tablet or obtainable to your favorite app Store.

hAppy Highlights:

  • Works with iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod contact®, Android™ cellphone and Pills, & Amazon Kindle Fireside™ Pills.
  • Quick, Complete-colour, ink-Loose, smudge-Loose printing any measurement up to 17″.
  • No further ink! Complete coloration in every ZINK zRoll™, more than 19’ of adhesive-sponsored ZINK Paper®.
  • Moveable and Wireless for on-the-pass printing, creativity, and simple team.
  • The FREE ZINK Layout & Print Studio app incorporates a thousand’s of portions, harking back to frames, fonts, paintings, backgrounds, and able-made designs.
  • Print from a thousand’s of present AirPrint-enabled apps.
  • The proper instrument for organizing, growing, or just having relaxing – at area, college, or for undertaking.
  • 1000’s of Uses for the hAppy with a lot more relaxing purposes to seek out daily.
  • Constructed-in automatic cutter that kiss cuts for simple peeling at the side of batch printing mode.
  • zRolls™ function acid-Loose adhesive backing and can also be present in 3/8”, part”, 3/4”, 1” 2” widths.
  • Constructed-in Wi-Fi scorching spot and connects to any area Wi-Fi group.
  • Suitable with Apple AirPrint.

Integrated inside the box:

hAppy Smart App Printer™, ½” ZINK zRoll™, Cleaning zRoll™, Power Adapter, Rapid Start Knowledge, OPTIONAL battery obtainable

Apps placed the “app” in hAppy™.

ZINK Layout & Print Studio™ app

The ZINK Layout & Print Studio™ app transforms your cellphone or tablet and your hAppy into an quintessential spouse. Jointly, they empower you to create so much from very good area accessory pieces to image pieces to simple relaxing stickers.

  • Create designs any measurement up to 17″
  • Indludes 1,00zero+ of Layout portions further obtainable at the ZINK retailer
  • Highly efficient, however simple edit choices like crop, rotate, reproduction, resize, all with the Touch of your finger
  • Import pictures from smartphones, Pills, Facebook™, Instagram™
  • Accessible at the Amazon App Store, Apple App Store, and Google Play

Lastly, unharness the facility of your apps

The ZINK hAppy is AirPrint® enabled, that suggests with the Touch of a button, you may also print from over 10,00zero apps already obtainable to your iPhone&reg, iPad®, and iPod contact®. Print from your image gallery, digital camera apps, notes and your social media circulation. Endless access to the entire pieces once trapped to your Smart gadget!

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Accessible for purchase throughout the ZINK Layout & Print Studio App.

ZINK MailEasy™ app

The MailEasy™ app makes growing numerous take care of labels simple. Simply make a selection or create a Layout, sign up for MailEasy in your online contacts, and print. No further dreading those holiday taking part in playing cards or marriage rite thank yous!

ZINK Huge™ app

Make large prints from a tiny hAppy! Print pictures that collect into print sizes from 4×6 to 16×20″. Simply import a photograph from your gadget’s image album, Facebook™, or Instagram, make a selection without equal size, the print mode, and press print. The app mechanically enlarges your images and divides it into sections that Jointly sort a large print. Modes include horizontal, vertical, squares, and mosaic strips and tiles.

Print without ink. Certain, you most likely did be told that right kind.

The approach it Works

ZINK® stands for 0 Ink® – a experience that produces picture-high quality, Complete-colour print without using ink cartridges, ribbons, or toner. The experience encompasses every the ZINK Paper® within Each and every zRoll™ and the intelligence embedded in every ZINK Smart APP Printer™ The basic thought is simple, however abnormal: Heat from the hAppy or hAppy+ activates the unique colour-forming crystals embedded inside the layers of ZINK Paper. Color then emerges to sort a whole-colour print.

ZINK Paper® — Enhancements in Physics

The cyan, yellow, and magenta dye crystals that let the magic of ZINK, have been invented by way of ZINK Imaging scientists by way of a rigorous discovery process. Each and every molecule is finely tuned, colorless and invisible to the naked eye. Whilst activated at very Over the top temperatures for fractions of a 2nd, the crystals switch from colorless to colored to create pretty images. Whilst cooled, the crystals new coloration state is totally retained.

ZINK® Dye Crystals — Magic Molecules

With Each and every zRoll is bigger than 19′ of ZINK Paper®, a complicated composite fabrics composed of plenty of layers of colour-forming chemistry. The plenty of layers are lined as a assume “stack” onto a base layer. A polymer coating protects the layers from moisture, UV exposure, and fading. Amazingly, the entire layers blended is less than the thickness of a human hair. ZINK Paper turns out like not unusual white image paper until Heat activates the utterly other coloration layers independently to create Complete-colour.

Creating hAppy™-ness.

1,zero01 Uses for the hAppy

There are such a large amount of Uses for the hAppy, you’ll be growing a little bit bit little little bit of hAppy-ness every day! hAppy prints can embellish, customize and customize the entire pieces from home made pieces, wraps & tags, greeting taking part in playing cards & invitations, jewelry, image tasks, take care of labels, a myriad of team tasks, undertaking tasks, scrapbooking, area decor, kids stickers & family relaxing, to name only some.

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Decorate your hAppy™.

Customise, customize, and shield your hAppy Smart App Printer™ with those great apparatus:
ZINK hAppy™ Adventure Bag
ZINK hAppy™ Toolkit
ZINK hAppy™ Protective Wraps
ZINK hAppy™ Rechargeable Battery

Select your hAppy™-ness.
ZINK Smart App Printers hAppy hAppy +
three.five” Touch-screen NO YES
Ink-Loose Printing YES YES
Full-Color, Over the top Prime quality Printing YES YES
Makes use of 5 zRoll Widths w/ Acid Loose Adhesive
(part” Zroll Integrated)
Constructed-in Cutter w/ Batch Mode Widths w/ Acid Loose Adhesive YES YES
Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery OPTIONAL YES
Compact & Moveable OPTIONAL YES
Accepts SD Card NO YES

ZINK hAppy Mobile phone Printer – Wireless Wi-Fi direct Enabled Prints Directly from IOS & Android Smart Phones, Pills, that comes with Zink 0 Ink Information
Works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, Android cellphone and Pills
Wireless connectivity in your cellphone or tablet with a integrated Wi-Fi scorching spot. Or connect to any area Wi-Fi group.
Built-in automatic cutter for kiss and entire cuts.Appropriate with AirPrint enabled apps and Google Cloud Print apps
Uses ZINK zRolls, obtainable in 3/8 inch, part inch, 3/4 inch, 1inch and a few inch widths.

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