Kid friendly camcorder | Easy To Use and Durable For Children

Capturing your favorite moments and happy memories has become a part of our everyday lives, so much so, that it’s a serious pity when we miss recording our best moments.

With camcorders for children having made their way into our lives, parents would no longer have to worry how their family camcorder is being handled.

But how do you know which one is the most suitable? Read and take a look below to find out which of the 10 kid camcorders is the one for your child!

Joytrip Kids Video Camera:

As the name states, this camera is sure to bring a lot of joy to your little one. With its eye-catching appearance and colors, your child will be over the moon to hold it in their hands.

The design of the camcorder is kept rather simplistic, featuring one big shutter button to capture pictures and videos, an on/off button, a handy navigation panel and button to flip the camera to selfie mode if needed.

Your child will have a number of options for how they want to take pictures or record videos. The tracking feature in the Joytrip camera automatically recognizes faces making for easier filming.

With a 4x digital zoom function it makes it more versatile for the child’s creativity while taking pictures or videos without ruining the quality. The image quality of the footage will definitely be to your child’s liking with its 1080P HD video resolution.

This resolution is nicely displayed on the 2.3-inch screen on the camera making for a more compact and child-friendly choice.

To make things more enjoyable for the child, there are numerous fun frames in the Joytrip camera for your child to expand his creativity when capturing moments.

With an inbuilt lithium battery that can allow the camcorder to run for 4 to 6 hours while making videos, you won’t have to worry about the battery running out.

Not to mention, your child can run freely completely carefree with camera in-hand because of the soft, shockproof silicone cover around the camera.

The only downside is that although there is a microSD card reader that comes along with the camera, the camera itself doesn’t offer a memory card with it. That you will have to purchase separately.

However, there are many other fun and interesting accessories that accompany the camera e.g. charming little cartoon stickers.

Vtech Kidizoom Action Cam 180:

If you have an active child who loves to run, play around and go on their own little adventures then the Vtech Kidizoom Action Cam 180 might be best suited for them.

Right off the bat, the camera features your standard camera and selfie mode. But what makes it unique? It offers the child to shoot videos in fast or slow-motion however and whenever they please. Not to mention, the 180-degree camera rotatable feature will let your child expand their filming horizons even more.

It includes a rechargeable battery with non-stop filming for 2.5 hours and can hold up to 278,000 photos in total. Although it has a microSD card slot, you will need to purchase the SD card separately.

It’s a very durable camcorder due to its complete shock resistance combined with waterproof capabilities. This then makes it the perfect adventure camcorder to accompany your child.

Overall, it’s a rather tough piece of equipment and no parent would have to worry about it in their child’s hands.

However, durability alone does not make it such an adventure-friendly camera, its versatility is where the magic truly lies.

Its versatility gives your child more control over pictures or videos they want to capture. The camera comes with accessories that include, a wrist-strap, and various attachments that would allow the child to mount the camera on a number of different vehicles e.g. bike, skateboard etc.

The accessories combined with the camera’s features allow for more action-packed footage to be made, and all at the hands of your child’s creativity.

StreamZoo Camera:

The StreamZoo camera is the best compact and pocket-sized camera for kids to easily carry around wherever they go.

With its charming design, it’s a no-brainer that it will delight and fascinate your child to no end. The controls are especially straightforward and easy to understand for a young child. It features a big shutter button, on/off button, and a navigation panel to easily click between various pictures or videos shot.
Not to forget, the camera’s overall design is quite practical because of its shockproof capabilities. In addition, it is designed to comfortably fit in your child’s hands not only because of its compact size but also because of its soft, gentle exterior that is sure to make photography and filming a complete delight!

With a 2.0-inch screen it is capable of capturing photos at 5.0 megapixel and videos at an 1080P HD resolution. Despite its compact size, its features and capabilities are far bigger. Every moment that your child shoots will present itself in clean, crisp and sharp images that will not leave any child disappointed.

The camera will also auto-focus and immediately lock onto the target that your child wishes to capture or film. And to let the child further expand on their creativity, there are numerous cute and interesting frames to select from in the preset frame settings before taking a picture.

Interestingly, the StreamZoo includes a selfie timer mode which will allow your child to take the perfect selfies with you or their friends.

However, its features do not just stop here. It has a rather unique component in its technical design. The camera includes 4 in-built mini, puzzle games in its system to play with at any given time.

The StreamZoo can provide your child with the ultimate entertainment of being a toy and a camera all-in-one. By being able to switch between these two different forms of educational entertainment, there is no child that could ever be bored with it.

ISHARE Kids Camera:

If your child is an underwater explorer, then this might be the camera for them due to its highly waterproof-centric design.

The Ishare can be taken down 3 meters deep in water for as long as 30 minutes without any problem occurring with the camera’s functionality. This is best for parents planning on taking their children for swimming, snorkeling, or diving.

With a 2.0-inch display it is able to capture high 1080P resolution videos and 21 megapixels for photos. It also furthers includes a flash option when taking pictures along with a microphone and a tripod hole for more versatility.

It is important to make sure Ishare’s battery socket is tightly shut and closed off before plunging the camera into water. For this camera model you would need to not only purchase a microSD card but also 2 AAA batteries to regularly put in whenever the charge runs out.

With the Ishare, it’ll be very easy for children to capture their fun discoveries in good image quality underwater.

Ifmeyasi WiFi Kids Camera:

Instead of your standard exterior camera design, Ifmeyasi has aimed to have a rather unique composition. The two handles on the side are made to be complete grip handles which will allow for better stability while taking photos and videos.

Its unique camera design does not leave it vulnerable thanks to its shock resistant constitution. In addition, the color scheme of bright orange and blue is very complimentary to the entire design.

Ifmeyasi has more than one unique aspect to it aside from its design. Its system includes a Wi-Fi function which will allow you and the child to transfer the content of the camera straight to your smartphone via the GoPlus Cam app. Fortunately, a 16 GB microSD card comes along with the camera.

The camera itself produces clear and sharp images due to its 5-megapixel photo capacity and its 1080P HD resolution video quality.

Its accessories also include cute photo frames along with cartoon sounds and a flash capture function. Another interesting feature is the MP3 player function available in the camera.

It is almost a guarantee that children will not tire easily with this camera and you won’t tire easily when helping your child transfer their photos and videos out.

SturdCelleau Kids Digital Camcorder:

SturdCelleau camera has a very interesting design and is sure to attract any child’s attention immediately and completely.

At first sight, you wouldn’t guess that it’s a camera because of its almost rattle-like exterior design. It is made to look precisely like a toy, but it most definitely is not.

Your child would only have to use one hand to comfortably hold the camera in their hands while simultaneously be able to record whatever they please by pushing the necessary buttons with only their thumb.

The SturdCelleau offers a front and rear camera ready to use as per the child’s wish. With a 2.0-inch screen it is able to easily record videos at 1080P high resolution with no difficulty. The resulting video quality is nothing short of amazing with its sharp images and colors.

Accessories include children being able to further customize their images with existing frames in the camera, and lanyard to attach your SturdCelleau to and hang around your neck. The reason this is made possible is because of the camera being really lightweight.

Aside from having a child develop their interest in photography and videography, the SturdCelleau will simply look absolutely adorable worn by your child.

Lilexo Kids Digital Camera:


If you’re trying to find the most adorable camera possible for your little one, then this one fits the bill to a tee.

The Lilexo camera is designed in the shape of a bunny fully equipped with bunny ears coming out from the top of the camera. The rear camera is located in the middle while passing itself off as the bunny’s nose. This cover of the Lilexo camera may seem like a fragile bunny but it’s a very strong shockproof cover that completely protects the camera from any damage.

The camera can capture great quality pictures at 8 megapixels and recordings at 1080P HD resolution and the footage can be comfortably be viewed on the 2.0-inch screen. In addition, there exists facial recognition, autofocus, timers for selfie adventures, and quirky frames to keep the child forever engrossed with the camera.

Luckily enough, the Lilexo camera features a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to care for AAA batteries anymore and can easily keep it charged up. The charge on this particular camera is so efficient that in a single charge a child can take more than 400 pictures or a full 200-minute video.

Lilexo, no doubt, is one of the most adorable yet practical kid camcorders you may come across and it is one that your child will forever fawn over.

Veroyi Kids Camera:

Veroyi is an absolutely striking camera because of its simple appearance coupled with a bright color scheme that can immediately catch a child’s eye. The entire camera itself being bright red while the buttons and navigation panels being a bright yellow.

In a store, this might just be the camera that a child runs to first thanks to its well-thought out design.

However, it’s not just a stunning camera but it also holds many valuable functions. These include a selfie mode, 4 different kinds of zooms to shoot videos and photos with, and facial recognition.

Funny frames is almost a must-have in kids camcorders and Veroyi camera offers up to an astounding 30 different adorable frames for your child to use.

In addition, it comes with a lanyard which can prevent it from falling at any point. But there’s no need to worry since Veroyi is quite shock resistant.

Ourlife Kids Camera:

Ourlife is one of the most intriguing waterproof action cameras able to go 30 meters deep underwater without any damage. This might just be perfect for an adventurous child.

The camera itself features a 2.4-inch screen and is packed with 8-megapixel picture quality and 1080P HD video quality. It further includes facial recognition, selfie timer, and adjust lighting according to the scenery.

Ourlife camera is equipped with two lights on the outer part to use in the dark to capture photos successfully. In addition, it comes with an entire kit that allows the child to explore its versatility even more using the attachments to mount it on top of different surfaces.

It also comes along with 12 different cute photo frames to use and 7 incredible video filters.

Ourlife camera’s versatility and various functions will allow your child to fully and completely capture their underwater adventures along with any other action-packed moments they might want to record.


Eyewee Kids Camera: 

Unlike other adorable cameras whose shockproof covers are what make it adorable, Eyewee camera itself is made in the shape of a cat.

With one of the eyes of the cat seamlessly blending in as being the camera, it is able to capture 8megapixel photos along with 1080P resolution videos and display it on a 2.0-inch screen.

Every piece of footage recorded, photo or video, has clear and crisp image quality. Fortunately, a microSD memory card is included with the camera so you can upload the footage directly from the camera using its charging cord to the laptop without any difficulty.

It further comes with cute frames and cartoon stickers for your child to play around with.

Although the entire camera’s constitution is made to be shock resistant, a lanyard also comes with the package for further prevention of any possible damages.