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StreamZoo Digital Camera

If you’re going to settle for a camera that is affordable yet superb in performance, you should place an order for the StreamZoo best digital camera for kids.

This camera offers a 5-megapixel resolution, fully equipped with full HD 1080p resolution for capturing crystal-clear images and videos. Featuring a plastic casing, this camera is built for durability. Kill every worry that it will get damaged from multiple falls.

This attractive-looking, sleek camera offers a 2-inch IPS LCD screen, with a handful of simplistic buttons for easy navigation through its many features.

This camera is highly recommended for school excursions, camping trips, and family outings. It offers autofocus, capturing moving and still objects in a unique fashion. It also features a 1GB in-built memory space and also capable of managing an external 32GB microSD memory card.

When not snapping, your kid can choose to engage their intelligence with the in-built puzzle games. It also comes with a 3.7 lithium rechargeable battery guaranteed to give your child 3 hours battery life under heavy usage. When the camera is turned on but not in use, the battery is turned off automatically after a while.

This lightweight device also features a lanyard that your kids can wear around their necks when going on camping trips with school mates or family members.

Parents who have bought this product have left positive reviews and feedback, making it an excellent choice for your child.


As a parent, nothing will give you greater satisfaction and joy than seeing that unadulterated smile etched on your kid’s face when you gift him or her a present.

And because you don’t need a special occasion to gift your child a present, it is of great importance to get a camera for your child. Kids, more often than not, love playdates and enjoying the good company of their friends, as you’ve probably found out by now.

They’d want to keep these memories for as long as necessary. That’s why a digital camera, as a gift, is not a bad idea. Photography is a good skill every kid would be interest in. A digital camera suitable for their age will pave the groundwork for more experience as they get older. If your child is already fidgeting with your smartphone camera, that’s already a signal that they need their own camera.

Even if they don’t turn to be professional photographers in the future, a little experience in that department doesn’t hurt, either. You can rest assured that family photographs will always be ‘lit’, right?

Then again, looking for a camera best suited for their age is really exhausting. While there are several digital cameras for kids on the market, a lot of them often turn out to be a waste of your hard-earned cash.

We have taken that business off your bucket list and culled the top-rated cameras for your 8-year old. Check them out below.

Vtech Kidizoom DUO Camera

The Vtech Kidizoom DUO digital camera comes in a simplistic and sleek design that your kids will love instantly. Featuring a 5-megapixel resolution, this digital camera works great magic in capturing really good images.

This camera comes with a large handle for your kid to easily grab on to capture images and record clips in a 2.4-inch colored LCD screen. If you’re worried about whether it can snap images in low light conditions, the integrated in-built flash will put your mind to rest.

Equipped with a 256MB in-built memory, this digital camera is capable of capturing over 1,000 photographs or 9 minutes of video recording. It has a memory slot that you can purchase an additional 32GB MicroSD memory card for more storage.

This digital camera also features Photo Optimization. This feature permits your kid to snap a shot with the camera creating multiple shots, and select the best one to save.

It includes a musical slideshow to serenade your kid as he or she views the images taken. It also features a self-timer mode for your kids to set and appear in person or group photographs.

It also includes a motion sensor to snap moving targets clearly. With several photo collages, frames and effects to choose from, the Vtech Kidizoom Duo is an excellent choice for your kids. The premium version includes a headphone.

Veroyi Kids Camera

The Veroyi Kids Digital Camera is another brilliant camera to consider buying for your kids. This lightweight camera features an 8-megapixel resolution for snapping high-quality images and videos. Your kids have the opportunity to capture images of 3264x2448p resolution and full HD 1080p resolution for videos.

With its simplistic construction and design, your kid will find no difficulty in using this device. It also includes a lanyard for your kids to hand around their necks and basically look cool around other kids.

It features a soft-silicone covering that will protect the camera if it is dropped on the floor multiple times. Because the covering is eco-friendly, this digital camera is recommended for your kids.

It also offers face recognition for better focus and great detail. With sleeks controls and buttons labeled with icons, kids will find it easy to navigate through its features.

With a 16GB memory card included, your kids will capture loads of pictures and videos without worrying.

Prograce Kids Digital Camera

If you’re considering an eye-candy camera with excellent features, the Prograce Kids Digital Camera should be in your bucket list.

This camera features an ultra-HD 2-inch LCD screen for capturing and recording high-quality images and clips. It comes with a battery capacity of 720 mAh with a charging time of 2 hours, giving you more than enough time to work up to 5 hours on a single charge.

It comes in a compact design, making it easy for kids to handle. It is particularly designed to withstand multiple falls, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it. It also comes with a lanyard that your kids can wear around his or her neck, keeping the camera in view at all times.

The Prograce Kids Digital Camera also features 5 puzzle games to distract your kids creatively and improve their brain activity. Your kids also have the option of choosing between 7 different color filter effects and 40 frames for your kids to play with.


OurLife Kids Camera

The OurLife Kids Action camera is an excellent choice if you’ve got adventurous kids. This beautiful camera features an 8-megapixel resolution for snapping high-quality pictures that appears in a 2.4-inch colored LCD screen.

It comes with a lens that rotates 180 degrees, giving your kids the opportunity to take selfies. Featuring a Li-Ion battery, your kids can be ensured of recording Full HD 1080p videos for up to 2 hours on a single charge.

With simplistic buttons and icons, navigation around its features is smooth and seamless. This camera features face detection, continuous shooting mode, fill lights and self-timer (5 and 10 seconds) to get the best out of each shot.

It also features a strong light suppression mode that allows it to capture perfectly balanced photographs, even in extremely bright weather conditions.

It’s waterproof, so you don’t have to get worried about it damaging. Its case is specifically designed to protect the camera, even at 100 feet of water. If you’re planning beach outings anytime soon, this is the perfect camera companion.

This camera also comes with 12 photo frames and 7 video filters for your child to test his or her creativity with. The available colors are blue and pink.

The package includes an 8GB SD card, bicycle mount, tripod bracket, a quick start guide (English and Spanish), a lanyard, and a card reader.

DDGG Kids Digital Camera for Girls

The DDGG kids digital camera is a highly recommended choice for your little girl. This camera comes with an 8-megapixel resolution for capturing impressive images and videos in a 2-inch LCD screen.

This camera is easy to use, lightweight and portable for small hands to handle. This camera durable and can withstand multiple hard falls. Albeit, this camera is not waterproof. Best you keep it safe from beach outings.

With a battery capacity of 1000 mAh, you little child is assured of long-lasting battery life. It also features a lanyard your kids can attach to their necks. The package also includes a 16GB memory card.

Joytrip Kids Camera

If you’re looking for a durable and high-performance camera for your kid, you should consider the Joytrip Kids Camera.

This camera does not only feature a back camera of 8 megapixels resolution but includes a front camera for selfie purposes. Also included is the Full HD 1080p resolution for shooting high definition videos displayed on a 2.3-inch color LCD screen. 

The compact camera features a silicone casing that is shock-proof and provides a comfortable grip for your kid.

Features also include facial recognition, smile detection, continuous shooting, and a self-timer for shooting unique personal and group photographs.

With a 1000 mAh rechargeable battery, your kid is assured of long-lasting battery life for shooting. Included are 21 photo frames and 4 photo filters for your kids to choose from.

Olympus Tough TG-6

The Olympus Tough TG-6, a flagship product of the Olympus Tough series, is a suitable fit for your child.

This digital camera comes with an incredible 12-megapixel resolution, with 4K Ultra HD resolution for snapping and recording superior-quality images and clips.

The Tough TG-6 is not waterproof and dustproof, it is also freezeproof, and can still shoot decent visuals in extreme weather conditions.

This camera is built to last, as it can withstand a weight of 100kg without breaking or showing cracks. Also included is a focal length range of 25 to 100mm, with max apertures of f/4.9 (tele angle) and f/2 (wide angle) with a max ISO value of 12800. Your kids have the freedom of choosing between 9 photo effects to edit their images.

The beauty also features microscopic modes, underwater white balance mode, live composite with a burst speed of 10fps.

One of the unique features of the Olympus Tough TG-6 is the in-built Wi-Fi connectivity, which enables your child to transfer from the camera to a smartphone or laptop. Also included are temperature sensors, a manometer, and a GPS.


AKAMATE Kids Action Digital Camera

The AKAMATE Kids Action Digital Camera is yet another top-rated camera you should consider purchasing for your 8-year old.

It features a Full HD 1080p resolution for recording impressive videos, and a camera lens that is specifically designed for taking really good pictures. Featuring a waterproof case, this camera will not damage under 1,000 feet of water.

It also comes with a 2-inch colored LCD screen with quick navigation buttons for smooth access to several features. Included is a 32GB microSD card with enough space to take over 3,000 pictures.

3 puzzle games are also included in this camera to keep distract your kid in a fun way. Best suited for family outings, you can attach this camera to your child’s cap to make it the recordings more adventurous.

Kidwell Kids Camera

The Kidwell Kids digital camera is a brilliant choice for your kid to kickstart his or her creative photography journey. It features a superb 2.8-inch colored LCD touchscreen, throwing in 8-megapixel resolution into the mix for shooting high-res pictures.

It also comes with a front camera for taking selfies with just a touch of the switch button. With the capabilities of recording videos with HD 720p resolution at 30fps, you can be guaranteed of decent visuals.

Other unique features include burst shooting mode, time-lapse shooting, and a self-timer. It even comes with a flashlight for recording videos and taking pictures at night.

With 29 built-in frames, 2 color filters and 8 scene suggestions, your kid put his or her creativity to work. Battery life is also efficient, as it can perform up to 3 hours under a single charge.

Photography is one of the best creative exercises for our young ones; that’s why we have provided some of the top-rated digital cameras out there.