Fashion:50az 50350optical layout: Refractor aperture: 50mm(1.97in) focal measurement: 350mm(thirteen.78in) focal ratio: f7 eyepiece1: 25mm(0.98in) magnification1: 14x eyepiece2: 10mm(0.39in) magnification2: 35x max magnification: 105 finder scope: 5X24 zenith mirrors: forty eight°erecting bak7 prism mount: altazimuth mount optical coating: antireflection blue film Barlow lens: 3x resolution: ≤4.3 angular topic of view: 2°forty” table connection: Altazimuth mount screw tripod: Aluminum alloy tripod supply weight: 1.7kg(60 oz) products dimensions:18.3inx7.08inx4.72inwhen use: it were given right here with plenty of completely other lens attachments with more than a few ranges of magnification. Used the principle lens to appear down a longer street and can obviously be told the street sign and other folks’s licenses plates over at the next street, on every occasion you employ the following lens attachment, would possibly see even further down that street and make a decision up details inside the grout in their brickwork, at a sparkly local weather day. Once nightfall hit and if you are lucky enough to have an entire moon at night time. Try to use necessarily essentially the most extremely efficient lens along with the 3x Barlow lens, the part out there inside the moon used to be if truth be told inconceivable. You might even see many craters and holes and completely other peaks and valleys, it if truth be told made you sort a greater connection with our moon. Certain you’ll be able to be in a position to check out footage and a couple of take with a lot more extremely efficient zoom… On the other hand really beholding it with your personal eyes in my opinion is an excessively completely other experience, this can be a bit tough to understand except for you have got really completed that yourself, this telescope to a amateur, as it’s going to perhaps open up a global of astronomy for them and if not anything else, they’re going to have a nice little toy to do a little casual moon looking at or flora and fauna viewing.
Fashion:50az refractor, aperture: 50mm(2.0″),exact focal measurement:350mm+50mm(15.8″) power refractor telescope, speedy and simple no-software prepare
All lined glass optical portions for transparent, crisp footage ,multilayer glass green lined optics for superior image brightness, shield your eyes
Loose Accommodates 2 separate interchangeable eyepieces and a 3x Barlow lens to increase viewing power & erect image diagonal
Accommodates erecting eyepiece, a90° diagonal, moon filter out , astronomy tool application and a robust adjustable aluminum alloy tripod with accessory tray
Ensure:1-yr limited lifetime Ensure