Best Digital Cameras for Tweens – Great Starter Cameras

One of the simplest things that can bring satisfaction to parents in seeing that sparkle, that curiosity and excitement gushing all over their kids as they try to figure out a way to make a toy do what it is supposed to. Nothing comes close to it.

As these kids grow from toddlers into teens, it’s almost herculean in finding out that perfect present that will elicit that sparkle again.

Perhaps, until now. Well, after reading this article.

Here’s a secret that’s not so much a secret anymore: teenagers, more than anything else, love spending time with their friends and make memories out of their moments together.

This is why a digital camera is still a perfect gift for your teenage child or children. You might want to argue that the average smartphones come with enviable image quality but they are nothing compared to some good digital cameras.

Photography is a unique skill that even adults wished they had caught up early on. In seeing your kid interested in making incredible images from moments, is a hobby that should be invested. Even if they don’t turn out to be photographers in the future, they’d still be grateful for making that choice to get them a camera.

Finding a perfect camera for your teen, either as a birthday present or as a way of increasing their interest in creative photography is somewhat time-draining. You’d want to factor in a lot of things that might influence your decision in getting one.

If you’re a teen searching for a digital camera to begin your photography journey with, search no more. Below, we look at some of the best digital cameras for tweens and slightly older kids.

Nikon D3500

The Nikon D3500 is an incredible start to become creative with your images. This product is one of the newest entries in Nikon’s latest DSLRs. This camera comes with a 24.2 Megapixel APS-C sensor which may be considered below par, but perfect for beginner photographers.

Featuring simplified controls and buttons, this digital camera was specially produced for the beginner photographer in mind. With an in-built Guide Mode, your kids will catch up on the basics.

For starters, the Nikon D3500 offers a full HD capture, with the ability to also shooting at 60/50p and 30/25p resolutions. With a 5fps shooting speed and max image size if 6000 x 4000px, this digital camera can contend with the big wigs. This digital camera also features a modest 3.0-inch screen display for view and capture images with an impressive optical viewfinder offering 95% coverage.

The D3500 doesn’t come with Wi-Fi connectivity, but it does have Bluetooth to transfer images to a laptop or smartphone. One unique feature that makes the Nikon D3500 amazing is the SnapBridge feature. This is an always-on Bluetooth Low Energy connection between the digital camera and smartphone.

It can be configured in such a way that the images shot from the digital camera is automatically sent to the phone.

It also offers a long-lasting battery life in which more than 1,500 photos can be taken on a single charge.

Canon EOS Rebel T5i

The Canon EOS Rebel T5i digital camera is also another product to consider buying for your teen. This product is one of the latest addition from a heavyweight in the photography world.

The EOS Rebel T5i features the superior 18 megapixel APS-C Hybrid CMOS and a 9-point AF sensor delivering incredible images. It also features an incredible DIGIC 5 processor that enables it to shoot at an ISO sensitivity of 12,800.

When you combine it with the 18-5mm kit lens, your teen will be able to capture clear and sharp images even in low light conditions.

When it comes to video recording, this camera is a beast. It can shoot full HD 1030p with 30fps, giving you a modest visual quality. It uses a Stepper Motor Technology-enabling it to auto-focus—an exceptional feature every photographer looks forward to.

It also features in-built stereo mics, which can come in handy for recording parties or even YouTube blogs if your child is not that type of thing. The touch screen is a welcome bonus, allowing anyone to set up the camera under minutes.

The user interface is also age-friendly and navigation around the tools is smooth and quick to operate. While the battery life is shorter than Nikon’s, it makes up for in image quality and overall performance. If your kid is looking to experiment, this digital camera is a suitable choice for him or her.


Sony a5100

The Sony a5100 is another excellent digital camera to gift your teenager, and they’d love you for it. This beginner-level mirrorless camera packs in a 24.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, coupled with BIONZ X image processor that for shooting superior images even in low light conditions.

The ISO can be raised in 3200 to enable capture images at night without resorting to the flash. This camera also features auto-focus with a 179-point hybrid system, allowing it to lock on any subject even if it is moving.

This camera is perfect for recording sporting events and skateboarding tutorials. The LCD screen can be tilted to capture high or low angle shots, capturing footages at full HD 1080p.

It also features a 16-50mm f/3/5-5.6 power zoom lens which is incredible for taking long or short-range pictures and videos.

Unlike the others reviewed, the Sony a5100 features Wi-Fi connectivity with NFC1, coupled with the PlayMemories app, images can be transferred to a smartphone from the camera immediately it has been taken.

While the battery isn’t that efficient, your teen can still take up to 400 shots on a single charge. With the aid of the USB port, it can also be charged with a power bank on the go.

All of these features all come in a lightweight but sturdy body. With separate Sony E-mount lenses for this series, your kid can learn and master all the intricacies and move on to another lens as he or she grows in photography.

Fujifilm X70

The Fujifilm X70 digital camera is a unique selection for anymore who fancies taking lovely photos. This pocket-sized camera features a 16.3-megapixel X-Trans CMOS II sensor for capturing high-quality images.

Appearing in a robust and metal build, this camera will feel comfortable in your teen’s hands as they sit or move around to capture images. It comes with an 18.5mm f/2.8 wide-angle lens with a manual focus ring that provides superior performance however it is used.

While there is no way of experimenting with several lenses, the Fujifilm X70 is just effective as a beginner’s camera for learning all the basics and more.

This digital camera offers a 3-inch LCD touch screen, a feature teens feel comfortable with. The screen while offering 1.4million pixel resolution, can also be tilted to take selfies, record vlogs, street, and horizon photographing.

The Fujifilm X70 comes with customizable and adjustable buttons for full manual control. It also features a small space for fingers to be placed in shooting great photos and videos.

While this camera comes with a manual focus ring for focus manually, it also comes with Zone, Wide, Single Point tracking auto-focus coupled with a modest eye and face-tracking feature.

With superior image rendering, the Fujifilm X70 is a wonderful camera to gift your tween.

Streamzoo Digital Camera for Kids

If you’re looking for an affordable yet effective digital camera that your tween will love, the StreamZoo camera is just the right fit.

Do not let the plastic exterior fool you. This beauty is noted for its durability. It is also shock-proof; meaning you won’t be spending extra cash to buy a new device. The exterior is made of non-toxic material, featuring soft edges and grooves, guaranteeing safe usage for your kids.

The StreamZoo digital camera features 5MP resolution with full HD resolution video recording. A perfect fit for capturing and recording superior and vivid images and footage. Featuring a 2-inch IPS LCD display, this digital camera makes pictures appear crystal clear and beautiful, something every tween wants to boast about.

It also comes with autofocus, to record moving and still subjects or objects, as you’d soon find out that it is a perfect fit for school excursions, camping trips, playdates or even sleepovers.

Specifically designed for the young tween in mind, the StreamZoo digital camera comes with a neck lanyard, keeping the camera on sight at all times and enabling them to take spontaneous images at will.

While this digital camera features a 1GB internal storage, it is capable of operating on a 32GB micro SD optional memory card to accommodate more images and videos.

This camera also features multi-colored frames, filters, and stickers to style their images and make them more colorful.

Also featured in this camera are puzzle games include Tetris, Gluttonous Snake, and Pushbox to distract them in a fun, educative way. Parents particularly love this digital camera because it sparks the curiosity and interest in their kids to be creative when capturing images.

Unlike the others, this camera is lightweight and comfy to grip with easy-grip handles. It also features an in-built 3.7 lithium battery which can be easily recharged by simply connecting the USB port to a power source or a power bank. With the battery lasting up to 3 hours, this digital camera is efficient for outdoor photography.

Another unique feature of this digital camera is the battery’s ability to automatically shut down when it is not in use.

With several colors to choose no matter the gender of your child, the StreamZoo digital camera is not just a camera; it is a special companion your kids will thank you for.


Canon Powershot ELPH 190

If you have a full-fledged tween who is interesting in taking and saving photos, then you might want to consider the Canon Powershot ELPH 190.

It comes with a 20 megapixel sensor coupled with the DIGIC image 4+ processor to give a stellar performance when shooting images and visuals.

It also features a full HD 1080p video resolution that will record exciting moments for keeps.

It comes with Wi-Fi connectivity for sharing images directly to an online platform or smartphone. It also features an in-built NFC that enables automatically shares photo to a nearby connected Android smartphone.


Panasonic LUMIX FZ80

The Panasonic LUMIX FZ80 digital camera is another excellent selection for your tween. This digital camera features an 18.1-megapixel sensor coupled with a 60X optical zoom to capture the best images and visuals.

This camera has the ability to shoot an impressive 4K resolution for crystal clear visuals. It also offers the 4K Photo Burst which captures 30 photos per second, giving your kid the option of choosing the ones he or she needs to keep.

Even under low light conditions, the Panasonic LUMIX FZ80 is efficient in recording modest footages and snapping pictures.

With a touch screen LCD, the user interface of this digital camera is friendly and easy to understand for beginners.

Factors to Consider Before Buying A Digital Camera for Your Tween.

There are factors that you should consider before buying a digital camera for your tweens. We shall be looking at them:

  • Price. For kids their age, it is important to get a digital camera that is relatively cheap. You don’t want to spend money on buying an expensive cam only for it to get broken a few days after.
  • Durability. We all know that kids aren’t as careful as adults, as they move around and recklessly drop items of value on the floor. It is crucial to buy a digital camera that can stand the test of time.
  • Educational Factor. While most cameras are meant for snapping pictures and recording images, there are some that come with additional features that are not only fun but put their brains to work.
  • Size. When purchasing a digital camera for your tween, its size matters a lot. Your kids are bound to love the small-sized cameras as they can easily operate it with steady hands.
  • Image Quality. The quality of the image taken matters a lot in deciding the perfect digital camera for your tween.