StreamZoo - Best Camera For Kids | Fun Digital Camera For Children
StreamZoo - Best Camera For Kids | Fun Digital Camera For Children
StreamZoo - Best Camera For Kids | Fun Digital Camera For Children
StreamZoo - Best Camera For Kids | Fun Digital Camera For Children
StreamZoo - Best Camera For Kids | Fun Digital Camera For Children
StreamZoo - Best Camera For Kids | Fun Digital Camera For Children
StreamZoo - Best Camera For Kids | Fun Digital Camera For Children
StreamZoo - Best Camera For Kids | Fun Digital Camera For Children
StreamZoo - Best Camera For Kids | Fun Digital Camera For Children

StreamZoo - Best Camera For Kids | Fun Digital Camera For Children


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  • 8MP Resolution
  • 1080P HD Video Recording
  • Durable & Shockproof 
  • Safe, Non-Toxic Material
  • 2in LCD Screen Display  
  • Auto-Focus 
  • 4 Built-in Puzzle Games 
  • Includes 1 Charging Cable and Neck Lanyard 
  • 4x Digital Zoom
  • Includes 16gb Micro SD Card (holds 7000 pictures) 
  • Connects to Computer

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Takes Great Pictures and Videos


Captured moments are preserved in vividly beautiful, sharp images with this camera’s 5.0 megapixel. Your child is going to love their outputs since images look good on this camera’s fluid IPS LCD display. The unit also has a self-timer mode.

What magic can they do shooting with a 8.0 MP kid’s camera? They can take photos outdoors while camping or at the museum with their classmates. They can play around the backyard, capture miniature stills of their toys or just take a photo of random moments with friends. 

Creative Puzzle Games For Kids - Help Them Learn 

There are puzzle games like Gluttonous Snake, Tetris and PushBox on this camera. These games are designed to help nurture motor skills, hand-and-eye coordination and improve cognitive power. 


With multi-colored artistic frames and cute stickers. Your little one can choose from preset frame settings. There is a cutesy frame for every situation. Also includes 4 fun preset filters.

***Note: These filters are not like those of Instagrams. They’re fun frames, backgrounds and preset color hues that your little one could play around. 

Our Kids Camera Has It All

Bring out the snapper in your little one with the best camera for kids. HQ, sharp images and fluid motion pictures with this camera’s 5 megapixel resolution and 1080p HD video. Fun durable design, easy-grip handle and simple navigation controls - for starters and kids who already caught the shutterbug. Shock-proof too!

A seriously fun and functional gift for kids

Give the gift of creativity. Let them capture things they’re curious about. From those indoor family moments to weekend adventures -- this is the best camera for kids. Perfect for parties, events and outdoor adventures. This camera for children comes with a comfy lanyard, so they can hang it on their neck and move freely as they seize the moment.

Specially crafted for ages 3 to 10. It is made of safe, non-toxic materials. This durable and shockproof kid’s camera is a good start to nurture their talent. Put together fun activities, go on a nature walk or let them unleash their inner creativity with a random scavenger hunt for subjects they want to capture.

Comes at 5MP and 1080P HD video resolution to showcase crisp, beautiful moments of time. Soft exterior design without any harsh line or rough edges, so it’s ultra comfortable to the hands. Featuring easy-grip handles too.

Fun and no complicated features with a single touch auto-focus functionality so it’s easier for the little one to snap as they go. Designed with 4 built-in puzzle games to help nurture their creativity.

See the world through a child’s eyes
Wouldn’t be interesting to see the world how a child sees it? Remember how it once was growing up? Seeing something new for the first time, wishing there was something you could do to freeze the moment. Now this camera for children makes sure every precious moment is captured.

Even those moments of time that seem too mundane to us -- it might not be how a child looks at it. Children see otherwise; with fresh perspective and curiosity and without judgement.

Our kid’s camera is shockproof (though not tantrum-proof). It is voted among the best in it's class. 5MP, 1080P HD video resolution, durable and shockproof. Made from safe, non-toxic materials. With IPS screen display for that vivid in-screen image display. No complicated navigation and uses a single button auto-focus shooting mode. The perfect gift for children ages 3 to 10.


Definitely no complicated navigation. With 1-button autofocus functionality so your child just need to point then shoot. The auto-focus mode ensures their subject is well-placed in frames so they can easily create beautiful compositions.

Parents love this camera for kids because it’s a tool for exploration and aid children’s active imagination. Our customers call this child’s camera a “pocket-size creative education” and it’s easy to tell why. This camera is a good tool to flourish a child’s imagination.


It works like adults’ cameras, but never bulky, heavy or complicated to learn. Comfy to hold with easy-grip handles and soft materials, this camera matches with a child’s active imagination.

Don’t be tricked with its super soft material, it is durable enough and it is shockproof. For all those rigurious adventures. Definitely no sharp outline or edge so kids feel ultimately comfy when handling this camera.

This kid’s camera is specially made to last but never heavy on the budget. A perfect and affordable gift for any occasion. Wrap it up or hand it over as it is -- it’s vibrant design and color will get any child excited.

Crafted from safe, non-toxic material.


Kids love colors and this camera gives them just those. IPS Screen Display - to display quality images in crisp colors. For all of you non-techies out there, IPS stands for in-plane switching display. It creates best color and viewing angles, the most expensive display panel yet we manage to make it affordable for you.

Hint: take the little one to colorful locations like beaches, woodland and open field. Also, deserted parking lots and overgrown patch stimulate creativity and curiosity.


This camera for kids is a way to introduce a child to broader photography principles in the future. It comes with an optical viewfinder for them to easily compose an image or frame a scene.

Photographer parents recommend this camera for children because its simple functionalities match the broad principles in photography. It’s a good stepping stone for budding shutterbugs.


A built-in 3.7V lithium battery powers this kid’s camera. It can be recharged by connecting the USB wire to a power source, your computer or to a power bank. Battery last up to 2-3 hours (500 mA). The unit automatically shuts down when not in operation. It comes with a durable lanyard so the unit can be hung on the neck.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Is it a toy or a camera?

Oh, it’s actually both. This is a REAL camera for kids that includes 4-built in puzzle games.

Does this take real pictures?

Yes, it does take real images. It can also record high quality videos with its 1080p HD video resolution. With 1GB built-in storage, it can take multiple images.

Which age range does this camera suits best?

This camera for kids is designed to be funky, fun and adorable and made with 3 to 10 year olds in mind. But don’t hesitate to take a snaps here and there, just to see how awesome this camera is. Also, there’s a child in all of us, you know.

My child is active and loves to take a lot of pictures, 1GB is not enough, now what?

This camera’s storage is expandable up to 32GB microSD.

Can I use my 64GB microSD for this?

The camera’s memory capacity for now is only limited to 32GB.

I have a tiny 4-year old, how heavy is this camera?

Don’t worry, it’s super lightweight. The unit only weighs 0.64 ounces.

Does it come with a charger?

Yes it does. A USB charger is included with your purchase.

Can it be connected via WiFi?

No it can’t.

Can it be connected via Bluetooth.


Does its features comes with a flash?

No flash for this unit.

Can the pictures be reviewed in the camera or do I have to transfer data to the computer first?

It can be viewed in the camera’s screen or you can transfer files to computer too.

Is the battery replaceable?

For now only the built-in battery can be used for this unit.

What if me or my kid don't like it, can I have a refund?

We're almost certain you / your child is going to love this camera. But just in case, send us a message. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee


More snaps, more memories

Comes with a built-in 1GB memory storage so your little could capture as many memories and adventures as needed. Extend storage for up to 32GB.


A Bevy of Fun Features

We call this the "best camera for kids" for a reason. Super fun not just for its colorful backgrounds and multi-scene selection but it’s external cute design is sure a crowd pleaser. Comes in blue and pink colors.

This kid’s camera has a self-timer, for those moments when they don’t want to just be the photographer and has to be in frame. It has 4 built-in puzzle games specially designed for entertainment and cognitive training. With HD video recording and IPS display for full vivid color images and motion pictures. Heaps of functional and fun features, just as any child likes.


Fun, Educational and Affordable Gift for Kids

This kid’s camera is a great way for them to learn and play. It encourages them to get creative, curious and explore the world around them. Small and lightweight, suitable for ages 3 to 10.

You’ll be surprised how a pocket-size camera for kids can go a long ways.